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There is Power in our Thoughts


Most of us already know that it has been well established that our minds are connected to our bodies. Just notice how your body will physically startle when seeing a scary movie though nothing has touched you. It can be the same with our emotions.  As we think of something very sad, we often will feel this in our heart, and our eyes will leak.  As we think of something funny, our mouth will curl into a smile or we will utter a gaffaw.  As we look at the world around us, we assign meaning to what we see.    What we see, what we notice, and how we feel about it all depend on our perspective. 


So let's just pick a neutral event as an example.  You have called someone and left them a voicemail inviting them to call you back, but they didn't.  A person who has a pattern of thinking influenced by depression is likely to begin second guessing themselves, thinking "boy that was such a stupid message, no wonder they haven't called back.  I'm sure they don't like me.  In fact, I'm pretty sure no one likes me.  It was stupid to even call".  And.....that person then feels terrible.


On the other hand, let's say the person who called does NOT have a depressed pattern of thinking but instead is happily engaged with life.  The thoughts they might entertain might be more like "I wonder if they are out of town, or the message got erased, or they meant to call but just got busy and it fell off their radar".   It is the SAME event but the experience of it is completely different depending on what thoughts you have about it!  So, who gets to decide what thoughts to invite in and entertain?  We do!  In each moment we have the supreme power to choose.  Any of the ideas may be true.  In the absense of knowing, does it serve you to entertain the ideas that knock the joy right out of you, or to consider the ones that free your energy to move forwards into whatever it is you choose?


Our thoughts not only determine how we are feeling, but ultimately what our LIFE will be like.  If we do not think it is possible to have anything different than it is now, we are highly unlikely to notice or create opportunities to change our lot.  We just settle and one year runs into the next, much the same as the last.  However, if we have the idea that there is something in life we really would love to be or do or create, our thoughts begin to work on noticing and creating opportunities to get us there.  When we begin to think what it is that we would love, new ideas begin to generate.  New energy is created to take that step.  It all begins with a thought!

I would LOVE to support you in exploring how to harness your thoughts to be in service of what it is you would love to create in your life.

Each week I carve out a little bit of time to offer a few of what I call "Discovery Sessions" with people, one on one over the phone for about 45 minutes, to talk with you about where you are now, and what you would truly LOVE to create and bring about in your life.  Imagine for a moment, what would your life be like if you could have it just the way you would love.  How would that feel?  Amazing!  Yeah, I know!  Very cool and very possible!

If this is something you are interested in, send me an email at and put "Discovery Session" in the headline and as my schedule allows I will get in contact with you and we will schedule our session together.

To your wildest, most wonderful dreams made real,






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