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Why We Need To Stay In The Study

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We have all at some point in our lives experienced one of those “ah ha” moments, where we connect the dots for ourselves and know that we would feel so much better if we stayed on track moving towards something positive that we really want.  Yet somehow, we manage to get distracted and lose our momentum!  What we are experiencing is this gravitational pull to keep thinking in the same way that got us into our current results.  Neuroscience has shown us that most humans think approximately 60,000 thoughts per day.  Of these thoughts, 95% are the same thoughts as we had the day before, and the day before that. 

So how do we anchor in those ah ha moments?  We anchor them in through sustained and repeated structured support until this way of thinking becomes the dominant thought pattern.

The ah ha moments where we experience this wonderful sense of clarity and ease are welcomed yet can also be fleeting.  Experiencing this level of awareness is not static like receiving a degree or certification, but rather something that we can choose to foster moment by moment. 

From the perspective of religious tradition, this is why many people from many faiths choose to attend services regularly.  Our nature is to have this tendency to get pulled back into patterns of reactivity when something happens that is not to our liking.  The reality is, that  we get to choose how we want to respond, and as we cultivate this awareness, we become so much more able to consciously navigate ourselves back to a sense of peace more often and more readily. 

When we are able to live from the part of us that is clear about what matters truly to us, we become able to see and create with completely different attention and intention.  As we think, we create, and this becomes reflected in the circumstances of our lives.  We begin to experience life itself not as happening “to” us but rather through us and with us. 



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